Fairlane Acres Speedway

2016 Class Structure

NKA Tech rules for all Clone engines

WKA Tech rules for Animal/FH engines

Junior Racers are permitted to move up a class for the Delaware Thunder series if age requirement is met.

Junior Racers are permitted to run both classes in the Delaware Thunder series.

!!! All clone engines in Pee Wee and Rookie must run small pipe !!! 

Pee Wee:

  • Age: 4 to 7

  • Weight: 240lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone Rules

  • Other: Red plate clone, Small Pipe, GEAR RULE 17/69 (subject to change)


  • Age: 7 to 11

  • Weight: 265lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone

  • Other:  Box stock clone (all colors) Small Pipe w/Green plate, GEAR RULE. May run class for two years but if he/she wins races in 2nd year, they will be moved up to the next age group. 

Junior 1:

  • Age: 7 to 10

  • Weight: 265lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone

  • Clone -Small pipe w/Green plate. NO GEAR RULE

Junior 2:

  • Age: 10 to 12

  • Weight: 290lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone

  • Other: Animal w/ Blue plate. Clone Small pipe w/ Purple plate

Junior 3:

  • Age: 12 to 15

  • Weight: 320lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone

  • Clone- Small pipe w/ Blue plate ***If you turn 15 within the race season you may race in the adult class but you may not go back down to junior classes once you have moved up.

Junior Outlaw:

  • Age: 10 to 15

  • Weight: 300lb.

  • Engine: Predator/Flathead/ Clone/ Animal w/ stock appearing carb.

  • Other: Stock appearing, stock or bored carb. (No cyclones) NO BIG BLOCKS, (Blockzilla, Terminator, Rhino, etc.) You may run a clone with an Animal carb.

Adult Clone:

  • Age: 15+

  • Weight: 375lb.

  • Engine: NKA Clone

  • Other: NKA Clone rules, small or big pipe

Animal Heavy:

  • Age: 15+

  • Weight: 375lb.

  • Engine: Animal

  • Other: WKA animal rules

Animal Super Heavy:

  • Age: 15+

  • Weight: 425lb. (DRIVER must weigh 200lbs.)

  • Engine: Animal

  • Other: WKA Animal rules

Flathead 370:

  • Age: 15+

  • Weight: 370lb.

  • Engine: Flathead

  • Other: WKA Flathead rules


  • Age: 15+

  • Weight: 375lb.

  • Engine: Flathead / Clone / Animal/ Predator

  • Other: Tillotson / Mikuni / Cyclone Carb.

  • No Billet Blocks

Over 40:

  • Age: 40+

  • Weight: 350lb.

  • Engine: Flathead / Clone / Animal/ Predator

  • Other: Tillotson / Mikuni / Cyclone Carb.



  • Age: 15 & up
  • Weight: 375lb
  • Engine: OEM out of the box (Box Stock Predator) hemi heads are allowed.
  • RPM rule on the governor
  • RPM will be checked with a tach of the tracks choosing
  • RPM max 5500
  • An engine that is over the rpm mark will be disqualified. Arguing with us over what's legal and what's not will not be tolerated. The governors must kick in when checked.
  • You must finish behind the person you are wanting to protest. No protesting behind you!!
  • Protest fee of $140.00
  • The governor must be connected and operational
  • The air filter must be a stock unit. The air filter and sock must be installed per factory. All holes to the air box must be plugged.
  • The engine must have a key installed by factory in the flywheel.
  • You must run factory gas tank
  • You may disconnect vent tube on tank
  • Gas cap may be drilled to prevent vapor locked. Multiple holes allowed
  • Stock OEM Exhaust system as from factory. Hemi head must run hemi muffler. Straight plug head must run OEM muffler. No hemi Mufflers allowed with a non hemi head. No swapping of parts allowed!!
  • You may disconnect throttle stop screw
  • You can only bolt on a chain guard, no other aftermarket parts allowed!!
  • You can disconnect wire used for oil sensor and tape it.