Fairlane Acres Speedway Rules and Regulations

2016 Season

NOTICE: This track has no insurance. By signing the release form, you are responsible for your own safety (everyone). RACE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Fairlane Acres Speedway must abide by rules and limitations set by Kent County Delaware. These are but not limited to:

NO kart shall enter the racing surface on any other day other than Saturday.

NO kart shall enter the racing surface prior to 6 PM.

NO kart shall be on the racing surface after 11 PM.

NO kart will enter the racing surface without an approved muffler system.

NO alcohol beverages may be consumed at the speedway prior to or during the racing events.


POINTS: The breakdown of the points for the year will be as follows.

1st- 20 points

2nd- 18 points

3rd- 16 points

4th- 14 points

5th- 12 points

6th- 10 points

7th- 8 points

8th- 6 points

9th- 4 points

10th- 2 points

11th and back- 1 point



Rain Out Policy

Completion of all heat races prior to a rain out will be considered a completed event. Racers will be scored and awarded points based off of heat race results. Any completed features will be scored and awarded points based off of the feature race results.




DQ1= 0 points- Cannot be used as a throw out. Consists of the following

            Tech failure

            Unsportsmanlike conduct from the driver or their crew

            Do not make weight

            Driving on scales

DQ2= 0 points -  Can use as a throw out. Consists of the following

            Safety issues

            90 second rule: failure to enter the track within 90 seconds of the class

            entering the track may result in failure to race.

DQ3 =  Last place points

             Failure to weigh as a result of a medical injury bringing out a red flag.

DNW = 0 points - can be used as throw outs.

DNF = Points awarded according to running order. Must take green flag.




***Any physical altercation can result in loss of points and suspension for a time to be determined by track officials. Racers are              responsible for and will be disciplined for any and all actions of their crew.

***Any racer or member of their crew that:

●     Enters race surface during a race in a hostile manner


●     Approaches the following in a hostile, verbal or physically threatening manner will receive a DQ1 and will be required to immediately leave the premises.

                        Flag stand or Corner flaggers

                        Scoring tower

                        Tech barn official

                        Any track official


Kart Safety Requirements

1. Open tire rule in any class. NO grooved tires (GO-KART racing slicks only).

2. Clones are to be run on Delaware purchased 87 octane pump gas.

3. Full Front nose pieces are required on all karts. This includes karts with wing bodies.

4. Full Nerf bars are required on all karts. NO Quarter bars.

5. No more than a maximum of 1 inch of the front tires can stick out past the nose piece.

6. Four numbers are required on all karts (front, rear, and both sides). Number must been easily visible and are first come, first serve. Lack of four numbers may result in not being scored.

7. Mufflers and Baffles are MANDATORY. They must be intact and will be strictly enforced per Kent County Rules.

8. For all racers best interest, drivers with no experience should use an orange or yellow indication in the bumpers to denote “Rookie” status.

9. All weights must be attached to the kart, double nutted, painted white, and have the corresponding kart number indicated in black. There may be no weights on the driver’s body. Failure to comply will result in denial to enter the race track.

10. Karts not obeying to the above rules will not be allowed to enter the racing surface.

11.  Karts not complying with safety rules will be pulled off the track.

12.For the safety of the drivers champ karts will not be allowed to run in the same class as flat karts.


Class Requirements:

13. Five(5) karts are needed to create an additional class. There is a 5 kart minimum average in order to be considered a class at the banquet.

14. If a class grows to 12 or more karts for 4 consecutive races, the class be split based off of the racers input and the official's final decision.

15.  No more than twelve(12) karts will be in one class, per night. EXCEPTION: To be determined by Fairlane Acres Speedway and the flag man.

16. All classes are subject to tech inspection. It is the tracks decision on which class(es) to be teched for that night.

17.Classes with three or less karts entered, must run with another class but scored separately (at the discretion of the track).

18. Two(2) “throw-outs” are mandatory at the end of the point season to determine a champion for the regular 15 race series.

       Zero(0) “throw-outs” are mandatory for Delaware Thunder race series.

19. DQ1's can not be used as end of the year “throw-outs”

General track rules

20. The racing duration will be as follows:

            Practice (Hot Laps) - 5 laps

            Heat Race - 10 laps

            Feature Race - 15 laps

21. On regular race events the schedule will be as follows

Gates open @ 3:30PM

Registration Closes @ 5PM

Drivers Meeting@ 5:15

First Class Lined up @ 5:45

22. Fairlane Acres Speedway reserves the right to shorten any or all events, due to the possibility of rain or the Kent County mandated curfew, to allow all classes to be able to run their races.

23. A 15 minute time limit has been set for all races and will be strongly enforced so that all classes get a chance to race within the curfew time.

24. THERE IS NO DRIVING IN PIT AREA ALLOWED. It is for the safety of our children and spectators.

25. Karts should be ready to take the green flag after one complete lap. Tillotsons only need two(2) blow out laps and should be ready to take the green flag the next time to the flag stand, after the yellow flag denoting blow-out laps are over.

26. If a kart causes three(3) cautions, it will be black flagged. We understand every situation is different and the final decision will be at the discretion of the flag man.

27. Baiting of a yellow flag will result in the black flag. Final decision will be at the discretion of the flagman.

28. All classes will start single file. PeeWee will be a stop start.

29. No parents or crewmembers are allowed on the track, except to start a kart or if someone is injured. EXCEPTION: When the PeeWees and Rookies are on the track, ONE parents or crew member may be on the infield for safety and discretion. ABSOLUTELY no adjustments to kart (ie. air pressure) during a race or caution.

30. Any kart leaving the track during the race and going to the pits may not return to the race.

31. All karts will exit from turn one(1). Disabled karts must be moved to the center of the infield and they must go directly to the scales upon completion of the event.

32. All karts must be weighed after their Heat & Feature Races. Failure to do so will result in starting at the rear in the feature.

33. There will be no driving of the kart on to the scales. Kart must be shut off prior to pushing up on the scales. Driving on scales will result in a DQ1.

34. All flag rules apply to all classes. NOTE: A rolled black flag is a warning only. A waved black is a disqualification and the driver is to exit the track immediately. PeeWee Class drivers- a rolled black flag is used as a learning tool- not as a punishment. Parents your assistance in needed in the explanation of these flags.

35. Final Flags: Once the white flag has been given the next flag will be the checkered flag. The checkered flag may be accompanied by the yellow, red, or black flag. Anyone disregarding the combination of the flags may be disqualified. In other words, if it is CHECKERED & RED = STOP (No cool down lap), CHECKERED & YELLOW = CAUTION (be ready to stop), CHECKERED & BLACK = the race is over for other reasons.